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At Wordswell we’re excited to partner with publishers, writers and designers to discover and create new stories.

We have over ten years of experience managing the big picture and shepherding inspiration into great things. We love to collaborate with other dreamers and storytellers and help them find their audience.

Book packaging (sometimes called book producing) is a way to bring together publishers, writers, artists and designers to create a book from lots of little pieces and lots of big talent. At Wordswell we manage the process of putting together a book. We work with the publishers. We hire the writers and artists. We figure out the deadlines, do the edits, and format the words or pictures. Whatever we need to do to get the book into the hands of readers who will love it.

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We are always looking for writers who can take the spark of a story and turn it into something great. We love a strong voice that gets us excited to keep reading, and characters that make us fall hard. If you’re interested in joining our list of writers for our proposed books contact us! We’re specifically looking for the following:

  • Writers who are interested in writing middle grade or YA.
  • Short story writers who can write for a YA (high school aged) audience.
  • Diverse authors who can write for a middle grade audience, bonus if you write short stories or genre fiction!
  • Science or political writers who can take big ideas and distill them down for a general audience.
  • Writers who also understand journalism!
  • Artists & Graphic Designers

    We are seeking artists who like to play with expectations. Artists who love using different techniques and materials to create beautiful and fascinating images.

    For graphic designers, we’re looking for experts in cover design and book design. We love details and if you get nerdy about making beautiful books, we want to hear about it. We also want to hear from people who understand genre conventions and marketing covers to the right audiences.

    Interested in working with us?


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